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Don't Be a Lone Wolf! Join the Pack!

Project Wolfpack is a clan centered around Squad and ArmA3 established Q1 2017 based in North America. We are a group of mature, adult players with a love for tactical oriented play

Our goal is simple: become a wrecking force in the competitive scene of Squad, while maintaining fun as our biggest priority

We are a no nonsense community, our aim is to be as tight knit as possible while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for new members and public players alike

We seek both casual and competitive players. Regardless of which group you pertain to, you have a place with us

Welcome 2018!
1st Jan · [PWP] Smug SquarePL · Likes · Like

Happy New Year! Let us remember 2017 fondly as the year Project Wolfpack was created and grew into the group of great members we have with us today. We achieved not only great growth, but also recognition in the squad community. Many times I have received feedback from other groups or lone individuals who praise our group. Thank you all, for not only making Project Wolfpack an enjoyable place to be, but also making the squad community a good experience for all.

Now on to new business, 2018. We will be focusing this year primarily on developing our skills as individuals and as a group to come together to achieve our goal of becoming a wrecking force in squad. We will be working on making this new year more interesting with more events, casual and competitive, in and out of squad. Lastly, we will be working on staying driven, focused and display a new level of professionalism as we continue to strengthen our position in the squad community.

I wish you all a great new year! Thank you for sticking with us into this new year. Now, lets come together, Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 at 7PM Eastern where we will announce additional information, take the time to hear from you about your holidays, and listen in on your wishes for PWP this year.

Project Wolfpack Server License Approved
4th Sep 2017 · [PWP] Smug SquarePL · Likes · Like

Our server license was approved! This means our server now shows up in the server browser. With this comes more responsibility from our staff and members to strive for exemplary behavior. Be aware of our server conduct and rules which are located on our discord and on the official squad forums http://forums.joinsquad.com/to ... project-wolfpack-us/

Project Wolfpack Has A Server!
3rd Sep 2017 · [PWP] Smug SquarePL · Likes · Like

Thanks to a very generous member, Xaliant, we have obtained our first server! Hosted through fragnet, it is a 72 slot server located in Chicago, IL. With a server comes a new set of rules and conduct expected when operating on the server. In addtion, in order to obtain a server license to appear in the official server list, we have begun to restructure the clan adding additional elements to the discord and website. Please read through the server rules and conduct currently located on our discord and http://forums.joinsquad.com/to ... project-wolfpack-us/, we expect all members to acknowledge and follow them. To find our server, it is currently located in the Custom Servers list under the name of [PWP] Project Wolfpack US. Any and all further donations are greatly appreciate, you can do so at the following link. https://clients.fragnet.net/gr ... e5901-bbd66-7e402-30

Project Wolfpack Youtube Launch
31st Aug 2017 · [PWP] Smug SquarePL · Likes · Like

Thanks to the effort of multiple members and most importantly TheFalkenrath, Project Wolfpack has officially entered into youtube with the release of our promotional video! With this we create a larger presence outside of Squad to entice those who might be interested in the game or already have the game to come check us out. But, we are not only here to take, we are looking into releasing more video content in future such as Squad tutorials, exciting gameplay montages, and recordings of our competitive matches. Anyway, enough chatter, check out the video!

Rule Changes
14th Aug 2017 · [PWP] Smug SquarePL · Likes · Like

Attention Wolfpack! I want to inform all our members our rules have been changed. Please take the time to review them once more. Let a pack leader know if you have any questions or concerns about them. http://www.projectwolfpack.net/page/rules Also note, if you have not participated in the schedule poll, please do so as soon as possible. https://doodle.com/poll/eqpuymvh4sqirg8t