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5th May [PUB] TomaGotto just joined our community, welcome!
30th Jan [PWP] AnOnYmOuS<3Direwolf created a new topic Hey guys I cant make it this Wednesday.
Hey guys still having some family problems.
26th Jan [PWP] FerrinoTimberwolf created a new topic Weekend Boot Camp - Training
Hey folks! I want to put together some small intensive training courses that wo...
24th Jan [PWP] AnOnYmOuS<3Direwolf created a new topic Hey guys cant make it Wednesday, January 24, 2018
All I can say its family related
23rd Jan [PWP] SmokedPL created a new topic 01/24/18
On shift again.. 
21st Jan [PWP] MadMedicGamingTimberwolf created a new topic Working again...
Just realized, the way my schedule falls. I should only miss Ops every 4th week,...
21st Jan [PWP] HumbleWolfTimberwolf created a new topic Won't be on 1/21/18
got stuff to do
21st Jan [PWP] AnOnYmOuS<3Direwolf created a new topic Cant make it 1/21/18
Some shits going on today wont be able to make it.
18th Jan [PWP] Snipz`Direwolf replied to the topic Level Gaming 40vs40 Tournament
Signed up
17th Jan [PWP] Smug SquarePL replied to the topic Won't be able to be online
Alright, we'll see you soon.