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Project Wolfpack Has A Server!
[PWP] Smug SquarePL Likes · Like · 3rd Sep 2017
Thanks to a very generous member, Xaliant, we have obtained our first server! Hosted through fragnet, it is a 72 slot server located in Chicago, IL. With a server comes a new set of rules and conduct expected when operating on the server. In addtion, in order to obtain a server license to appear in the official server list, we have begun to restructure the clan adding additional elements to the discord and website. Please read through the server rules and conduct currently located on our discord and http://forums.joinsquad.com/to ... project-wolfpack-us/, we expect all members to acknowledge and follow them. To find our server, it is currently located in the Custom Servers list under the name of [PWP] Project Wolfpack US. Any and all further donations are greatly appreciate, you can do so at the following link. https://clients.fragnet.net/gr ... e5901-bbd66-7e402-30