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Welcome 2018!
[PWP] Smug SquarePL Likes · Like · 1st Jan
Happy New Year! Let us remember 2017 fondly as the year Project Wolfpack was created and grew into the group of great members we have with us today. We achieved not only great growth, but also recognition in the squad community. Many times I have recieved feedback from other groups or lone individuals who praise our group. Thank you all, for not only making Project Wolfpack an enjoyable place to be, but also making the squad community a good experience for all.

Now on to new business, 2018. We will be focusing this year primarily on developing our skills as individuals and as a group to come together to achieve our goal of becoming a wrecking force in squad. We will be working on making this new year more interesting with more events, casual and competitive, in and out of squad. Lastly, we will be working on staying driven, focused and display a new level of professionalism as we continue to strengthen our position in the squad community.

I wish you all a great new year! Thank you for sticking with us into this new year. Now, lets come together, Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 at 7PM Eastern where we will announce additional information, take the time to hear from you about your holidays, and listen in on your wishes for PWP this year.